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JELUVET® contains 100% of lignocellulose, which is a versatile source of fiber for efficient animal breeding and healthy animals. Lignocellulose of JELUVET® is made from a blend of fiber (from Spruce (Picae abies) and Fir (Albies alba)) the raw material for high-quality pure fiber concentrates that is free from mycotoxin contaminant.

JELUVET® indirectly enhances the fermentation in the colon by carrying fermentable fiber and water to the colon for the colon microbiota to produce short-chain fatty acids such as lactic and butyric acid. It also helps animals to optimize the absorption of energy from diets.

JELUVET® decreases transit time, therefore, reduces the activity of proteolytic bacteria in the colon and decreases constipation as well as increases feed intake.


  • Swine:

Providing JELUVET® to sows 7 days before farrowing increases the birth weight and viability of piglets and reduces the delivery time of sows by up to 50 minutes.

Feeding piglet with JELUVET® increases the solidity of the feces by its great water-binding capacity.


  • Poultry:

Pullets and layers that are fed with JELUVET® containing diet have better gizzard development and growth rate as well as more solid feces.

Layer fed with JELUVET® will reduces their feather peaking behavior thanks to long-term energy produced by fiber fermentation


  • Ruminant:

Supply diets of calves with JELUVET® increase the growth rate and the solidity of the feces.

“Colon health is an important factor for animal development” (J.Noblet – INRA FRANCE, 1993) and JELUVET® is the best tool for optimizing colon performance.

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JELUVET® is manufactured by JELU-WERK (Germany)

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