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We are spicing up the Feed Industry

NutriSPICES is a distributor of feed and food additives to VIETNAM, THAILAND and MYANMAR markets. We have offices in France, Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, Bangkok, Yangon and Hong Kong. We are covering Combodia as well.

The company has been created in 2011 by Philippe Serene, a well-known and successful entrepreneur in South East Asia. Our team is made of experts specialized in Animal production and involved on South East Asia for the past 20 years. Several members of our team occupied top management position in Feed and Pharmaceutical company in France and Asia before joining Nutrispices.


Our business model is about innovation and marketing.


"Our job is to help our customers to differentiate their feed from their competitors by incorporating our innovative solutions into their feed or food" - Philippe Serene - Chairman - Nutrispices France


The additives that we offer must carry unique stories. Nutrispices experts are selecting and promoting innovative feed additives. All technologies promoted by Nutrispices are exclusive and focusing at minimizing production cost either by reducing the feed cost or increasing productivity. We are targeting Swine and Poultry but we are very active as well on Aqua and Ruminant sectors.


We consider ourselves as a bridge between innovation providers and feed and food manufacturers. All the additives are imported from Europe and USA. We are organizing the transfer of technologies from laboratories to field trials into commercial practices. We are positioning innovative additives in such a way that it can be understood and easily valued by feed and food manufacturers. We are helping them to incorporate these new technologies into their marketing claims and educational tools designed for their customers in order to create economical value out of it.


"We strive at identifying world-wide new additives for feed or food industries and be the first to introduce them to our customers. We do not spend time at promoting existing solutions that our customers can source somewhere else. We want our customers to think that every time they meet us they are going to discover new products." - David Serene – Managing Director Thailand


Our dream is to be able to build high technical credibility and trust with our customers that they will ask us to train their marketing and sales force on the best way to differentiate their feed and food. It is about underlining the benefits created by the new additives that we are introducing. Ultimately, our technologies should make our customers' job easier.


 “We support our customers to build strong marketing positioning in order to differentiate their feed or food from their competitors and reinforce their customer attention and loyalty.” - Nicolas Isidori – Managing Director Vietnam

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