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On December 2014, we launched our first nutricle. More than 8 years later, we are issuing our 100th issue. I am very proud of the journey. Through these 100th issues, we covered many topics on animal nutrition always trying to illustrate new concepts about Swine and Poultry nutrition with the ultimate goal to contribute to the strategic process of our readers.

Our nutricle is distributed every month by more than 1,000 nutritionists in Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and France. In 100 issues, we received more than 50,000 clicks.

I am sharing below the links to the 5 most popular nutricles that received the most positive feedback and comments from readers.

You have been part of this venture along the years. Through the reading, you must know Nutrispices very well. Let us see whether you will be able to go through our quiz that we prepared for you below.

Why is Nutrispices logo a chili?

  1. Nutrispices' founder had a dream where a chili pepper came to them in a vision and whispered the secret to creating the perfect feed additive. They woke up and immediately made the chili their logo.

  2. The Nutrispices team is secretly part of a secret society of chili enthusiasts who believe that chilis hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

  3. Nutrispices' founder once accidentally spilled a jar of chili flakes on their paperwork resulting into a nice logo.

  4. Nutrispices wanted a logo that was hot and spicy, just like their products.

Who are the mastermind behind Nutrispices' products?

  1. Gordon Ramsay's long-lost twin

  2. A team of culinary ninjas

  3. The Spice Girls (minus Posh)

  4. The world's greatest scientists

Which industry does Nutrispices mainly serve?

  1. Nutrispices is secretly a front for a group of spice smugglers trying to take over the world spice trade.

  2. Nutrispices serves the highly specialized industry of astronauts who need to add flavor to their space meals.

  3. Nutrispices serves a market of talking animals who are tired of bland food and demand flavorful diets.

  4. Nutrispices is actually a secret government agency that uses spices to control the minds of world leaders.

Nutrispices' tagline is "Spicing up the animal industry." What do we mean by that?

  1. "We're like the Spice Girls of animal nutrition - each one of our spices has its own unique personality and brings something special to the table. And just like the Spice Girls, our spice blends will have animals singing 'zig-a-zig-ah' in no time."

  2. Our products are so spicy, they'll make your animals want to call their ex and tell them they miss them.

  3. Our goal is to make animals so spicy, they'll become the hottest commodities on the black market.

  4. We're on a mission to make animal feed so flavorful, animals will refuse to eat anything else.

HiZox is a special source of Zinc oxide to be used as:

  1. zinc-coated hats for your sows, to protect them from the sun while making them look stylish.

  2. zinc-lined swimming pools for your pigs, to give them the ultimate in luxury swimming experiences.

  3. zinc-lined treadmills for your chickens, to give them the ultimate in exercise and luxury.

CoRouge is a special source of Copper to be used as:

  1. stylish jewelry for your gilts, because even animals deserve to look fashionable.

  2. anti-aging creams for your layers, to keep them looking youthful and vibrant.

  3. bird feeders for your broilers, to give them the ultimate in luxurious dining experiences.

Bioplus and Gallipro Fit are unique strains of probiotics to be used as:

  1. probiotic-infused bath bombs for your grower pigs, to give them a relaxing spa day and a healthy gut at the same time.

  2. probiotic-infused skincare products for your fattening pigs, to give them healthy skin and a healthy gut.

  3. probiotic-infused smoothies for your cows, to give them a healthy treat and a healthy gut.

Jeluvet is a highly concentrated source of lignocellulose to be used as:

  1. fibre-filled "stress balls" for your piglets, to help them manage their emotions.

  2. "fancy hats" for your chickens, to keep them stylish and promote healthy digestion.

  3. "sows spas" with fibre-infused facials, to keep your animals feeling pampered and healthy.

  4. Sleeping hammocks for layers, after a well-deserved rest spending hours laying eggs.

PoultryGrow and AG175 are highly cost-effective protease to be used as :

  1. protease-infused energy drinks for your piglets, to give them the boost they need to win fights.

  2. "protease facials mask" for animals, using the enzyme to break down protein buildup in nicer skin and promote a healthy glow.

  3. "protein dissolving" laundry detergent for animals, using protease to break down protein stains on their bedding and clothes.

  4. "protease massages" for animals, using the enzyme to break down tension in their muscles and promote relaxation.

Nutrispices range of organic acids:

  1. Organic acids-based candles for your livestock, to make their barn smell like a gourmet restaurant.

  2. Organic acid-infused bath salts for your pigs, to give them a relaxing soak and a healthy gut at the same time.

  3. "acidic facials" for animals, using organic acids to exfoliate and refresh their skin while promoting healthy gut flora.

  4. "acidic aromatherapy" diffusers for animals, using organic acids to purify the air and promote healthy breathing.

  5. "acidic workout" supplements for animals, filled with organic acids that improve muscle for piglets body-builders.

What is the name of Nutrispices' research and development center?

  1. SpiceLab: This is where Nutrispices' team of culinary scientists work tirelessly to come up with the spiciest and most flavorful blends. The lab is equipped with all kinds of crazy contraptions and machines, including a chili pepper-shaped centrifuge.

  2. FlavorFort: Nutrispices' research and development center is housed in an actual medieval castle, complete with a moat and drawbridge. The team believes that the castle's ancient walls help to preserve the authenticity of their spice blends.

  3. Spicetron: Nutrispices' research and development center is housed in a spaceship that travels the galaxy in search of new spices and flavors. The team is made up of a group of intrepid astronauts who have dedicated their lives to discovering new culinary frontiers.

  4. TasteTemple: Nutrispices' research and development center is housed in an ancient temple that has been converted into a high-tech laboratory. The team believes that the temple's spiritual energy helps to infuse their spices with extra flavor and power.

I would like to take the opportunity of our 100th issue to thank you for your continuous support and I hope that we succeed for the next 100 issues to keep feeding your passion for animal nutrition.


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