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As we introduced last month, Nutriflash is a new document from Nutrispices aiming at offering nutritionists some benchmarks on the optimization of their diets following monthly raw materials price variation. In the document below, we have been underlining the significant changes of our standard diets both for Poultry, Swine and Dairy.

As far as raw materials are concerned, we are monitoring the major trends for cereals, proteins, amino-acids and standard diets.

Based on June raw materials price, we optimized our formulas and are sharing the results below. In this summary, we are sharing changes regarding only macro-ingredients. POULTRY DIETS The Poultry diets cost are slightly higher than last month (between 0.2 to 0.6%) but they are significantly below last year cost, namely for the Broiler Grower diet (-4.7%). Even if these changes appear minimal, that would create months after months a valuable competitive advantages. The more often you are re-optimizing your diets and the higher changes you have to work at optimal cost.

In 2014, when the raw materials prices were very high, our standard Broiler Grower diet was at 330 Euros per kg and it came down up to 235 Euros in Feb 2018 thanks to constant re-optimization. SWINE DIETS The diets below are built on European model. That may not reflect the Asian context but it gives some insights on areas to explore. The differences can come either from using different raw materials but it could come as well from setting different nutritional requirement. In both cases, it would be valuable to explore these differences in order to leverage advantages if they are relevant in Asian context. The table below is illustrating the changes to bring to the formulas after our June re-optimization. For the Pig Fattener diet, the Pea and Sunflower meal have been reduced and replaced by some Canola and Soybean meal. Regarding the Gestating Sow diet, it is more economical this month, for a similar diet nutritional value, to replace some wheat and wheat bran by some wheat middlings.

We will keep monitoring the prices of Wheat bran that could contribute to 3% of the Pig Fattener diet if its price goes below 141 Euros. Regarding the Gestating Sow diet, we will follow the price of Palm Oil and Corn DDGS as they will become economical below respectively 522 and 230 Euros. DAIRY DIETS This month re-optimization of the Dairy concentrate enables us to save nearly 1 Euro per ton. When we look at the variation of Dairy concentrate cost on the past years (cf graph below), we notice an important variability from 185 Euros in Oct 18 up to 255 Euros in Apr 14.

Barley is not part of this month diet but following the past months reduction of price, it could become an interesting ingredient. Barley would indeed enter as the main ingredient, at 23%, if its price goes below 167 Euros from the current 169 Euros. We will keep monitoring Barley prices to adjust our diets accordingly from next month Nutriflash. If you are interested in going more in details in the dynamics of all these diets, please do not hesitate to contact me.

These diets have been prepared with the support of Mg2mix - France.


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