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NUTRIFLASH - Feed Formulation Strategies

For the past 5 years, we are sending partners/customers every month our Nutricle, a technical article about animal nutrition. This nutricle is meeting a huge success. We received a lot of requests from feed companies asking to train their technical staffs on nutrition or from local magazines to write articles for them. Today, we are reaching another important milestone by releasing a new document, our NUTRIFLASH. We partnered with Mg2mix from France to develop a monthly feed update. This document has been designed for nutritionists and formulators. It will be sent to you at the end of every month to give some updates on feed formulation strategies.

This month, I decided to share with you some examples of diets for the species that we will monitor in our next NUTRIFLASH issue; Broiler, Duck, Pig Fattener, Gestating Sow and Dairy cow. We are focusing only on macro ingredients which explains why the total does not make 100%.

These formulas may be different from the diets you are currently using in term of raw materials and prices but they can help to identify new angles of exploration.

If these costs are lower than your current feed costs, it means that there could be interesting insights to get into your formulation strategies, some news ingredients to test or some nutrients level of adjust. We may not end up with the same formulas as Asia context is different but there could be interesting directions to investigate.

These diets are highly dependent on prices of ingredients. We will monitor every month the prices variations of these ingredients and define formulation strategies to absorb or at the opposite take advantages of changes.

In the table below, we present the 'price of interest' for the ingredients that could enter in the above diets if the prices lower further. For each 'price of interest', we calculate the space that this ingredient would take in the diet. Some ingredients have this month a price still far from their price of interest but some others, like Canola meal for Pig Grower, could be reached soon and needs to be followed by purchasers very closely. Any purchase below the price of interest could help to create significant savings.

In next month NUTRIFLASH, we will give you an update on raw materials price and diets optimization. If you have any questions regarding the diets presented above, please do not hesitate to come back to me and we will share with you more information about the nutritional parameters that we used.

These diets have been prepared with the support of Mg2mix - FRANCE

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