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The Ketodiet has been one of the most popular diet in the world for the last years. The idea is to force metabolism to use fat instead of carbohydrates to produce energy. From rice, fruit, vegetables and small amount of meat and fat, your diet becomes bacon, eggs, avocado, oil and fat fish. Famous athlete as Christopher Froome (bicycle), Lebron James (basketball) or celebrities like Kim Kardashian follow this diet with a strict medical control to lose weight or improve sport performances. Actually, a dairy cow in transition period (3weeks before and 3weeks after calving) could be in the same low-carbs diet but when it’s going out of control the effects become undesirable: weight loss, milk loss, fertility reduction… This state is called ketosis. Let’s understand where a ketosis comes from and why it is difficult to avoid it in ruminant. Read more...

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