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SALMATE® is a stable emulsified encapsulated Omega 3 concentrate in powder form manufactured by BALLARD (USA). Contrarily to standard fish oil, this technology enables to guarantee DHA & EPA freshness by avoiding rancidity which could have a strong negative impact on animal feed intake.
SALMATE® is beneficial at 2 stages of sow nutrition; in late gestation to improve piglet brain development and in late lactation to increase foetus survival. Thanks to better brain development, piglets will show more vitality at birth and reduce time to the first suckling by 5mn. During late lactation, the increase of foetus survival can bring up to 0.8 additional piglet per litter resulting in a significant reduction of farming cost.

​SALMATE® is manufactured by THE BALLARD GROUP (USA)

Please watch a video about ​SALMATE® below

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