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Omega 3 are poly unsaturated fatty acid essential for brain development, fertility, vision and prevention of heart disease.

Numerous studies show all the benefits of omega-3 in diet for decades.

Nowadays, the quantity of omega 3 in our diet seriously decreases and it is a real threat for public health and animal products.

There are 3 kind of Omega-3 with benefit for health: DHA, EPA and ALA. The concentration of those omega 3 in food product (egg, chicken, pork, beef, milk, fish) can be modified throughout the feed.

Nutrispices can support you in the development of new range of product (feed or food) based on omega-3 enrichment. Nutrispices offers a large choice of Omega 3 source (vegetable, marine and algae source) in order to fit your marketing target at the lowest production cost.

For more information, please contact us or read our Nutricle on this topic at the following links

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