FRA LeciMax® Dry contains a natural source of hydrolyzed lecithins that acts as a bio-surfactant. The hydrolyzed lecithins emulsify large fat globules into highly dispersible micelles in the duodenum.

As Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) in FRA LeciMax® Dry is a part of the cell bi-phospholipid layer, it can interfere with cell membranes, which will increase their fluidity and their permeability. Consequently, nutrient absorption is enhanced, and fat digestion is maximized.

FRA LeciMax® Dry is

  • Available in a highly concentrated dry form

  • Free flowing and non-caking

  • Heat stable

FRA LeciMax® can be used in swine, poultry, and aquaculture.

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FRA LeciMax® is manufactured by FRAmelco (Netherlands).

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