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JEFO PROTEASE® is a protease resisting up to 120 degree manufactured by JEFO (Canada). This protease is produced by thermophile bacteria selected from high temperature medium culture. Such unique characteristic enables  JEFO PROTEASE® to be stable through pelleting and extrusion as well as storage in tropical conditions. JEFO PROTEASE® can be incorporated directly into mixer avoiding thus the difficulties generated by the post-extrusion spraying. JEFO PROTEASE® is essentially recommended for the extruded feed where temperature raises up to 120 degrees Celsius or pelleted feed for customers for are looking for highly stable protease. JEFO PROTEASE® is increasing the digestibility of protein to optimize feed cost. The inclusion of JEFO PROTEASE® followed by a reformulation should trigger some shift to cheaper raw materials while maintaining minimum protein content. Such strategy enables to reduce the total feed cost from 1.6% to 2.8% according to the level of protein contents. 


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JEFO PROTEASE® is manufactured by JEFO (Canada)

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