Zinc oxide replacer for piglet

Potentiated zinc oxide

HIZOX® is a recently invented technology from ANIMINE, France that aims to replace the Pharmaceutical dosage of Zinc Oxide in the piglets feed. The low temperature / high pressure manufacturing process of HIZOX® enables to maximize the porosity of the crystalline structure of our product and thus increase the specific surface area from 3 square meter per gram for the standard Zinc Oxide to 40 square meter for HIZOX®.

HIZOX® technology enables the reduction of Zinc Oxide from 3000ppm to 250-300ppm. The reduction of Zinc Oxide dosage stimulates the feed performance by improving feed palatability, reducing competition between Zinc and Iron, Phytase, Acidifiers, reducing significantly contamination of piglet in heavy metals (Lead & Cadmium) and finally reduce the contamination of soil and water by Zinc waste. In parallel, our solution ensure a reduction of the incorporation cost per ton 

Our technology HIZOX® is the only sustainable solution to the problem created by high Zinc Oxide incorporation and the only solution in countries where the dosage of Zinc Oxide is limited to 250ppm like Europe, Vietnam and Taiwan.

HIZOX is not a buffering raw material. Check our ABC4 calculator to evaluate the binding capacity of your feed.

Check our Nutricles about Zinc and mineral in animal feed nutrition.

HIZOX® is manufactured by ANIMINE (France)


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