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ROPHORCE SR 130® is a highly concentrated source of the butyric acid (esters di- and triglyceride). Butyric acid is well known as the main source of energy for the epithilelium cells of gut villi. It is naturally produced by intestinal flora to promote cellular metabolism, increase the secretion of digestive enzymes and water reabsorption.It increases as well expression of tight junction proteins to reduce the bacteria translocation
Thanks to its glycerides forms, PROPHORCE SR 130® does not carry bad smell as standard butyric acid. These esters slowly release in the intestinal tract with an action on every part of the gut.
PROPHORCE SR 130® is the best option to promote the gastro-intestinal health together with animal performances.

PROPHORCE SR 130® is particularly efficient to developp rumen on pre-ruminant calf. Butyrate is the main source of short chain fatty acid used by papillae to increase absorption capacity of young ruminant.
PROPHORCE SR 130® is manufactured by PERSTORP (Netherlands)


OPTICELL® is the latest technology to promote higher fermentation in the colon for Swine and to maximise energy contribution of the diet. OPTICELL® supplies highly fermentable materials is used as substrat by the colon bacterial population for producing short chain fatty acids, namely lactic and butyric acids. These acids provides higher energy to both the colonocytes (butyric acids) and systemic circulation (lactic acids).

OPTICELL stimulate peristaltis and gut motility and leads to a better development of the entire digestive tract.

When distributed into calves, OPTICELL® provides drier feces and higher body weight.
Colon health is an important element of animals development, even for young ruminant (J.Noblet - INRA FRANCE, 1993) and OPTICELL is the most effective technology to maximise Colon performance.

OPTICELL® is manufactured by AGROMED (Austria)


BIOPLUS® YC contains a combination of highly-selected strains of Bacillus subtilis DSM5750 and Bacillus licheniformis DSM5749, that were specifically chosen for their ability to control Clostridium perfringens proliferation and the availability of nutrients from feed.

Numerous trials showed that BIOPLUS® YC improves calves performance with demonstrable economic benefits.

BIOPLUS® YC is manufactured by CHR HANSEN (Denmark)

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