FRA C12®

FRA C12® is made from monolaurine, a monoglyceride derivate from coconut oil and palm kernel.

Monolaurine has a specific antibacterial action on GRAM + bacteria and fat-coated virus. Monolaurine has a specific antibacterial action on two main pathogens family of mastitis : Staphylococcus Aureus and Streptococci species.

FRA C12® is pH-independent and has an antimicrobial action all along the digestive tract. Thanks to a specific chemical structure FRA C12® is transported via the lymphatic system rather than blood system. It's not broken down by the liver and can be transferred to the milk.

FRA C12® is a helpful way to control mastitis and somatic cell counts in dairy farming.

FRAC C12® is manufactured by FRAmelco (Netherlands)


STA-CHOL 60® is the first highly bioavailable choline. Choline is like a  vitamin and help the liver to export triglyceride. The liver stays healthy in peripartum period. Unprotected choline is massively degraded at ruminal level. Choline, to become bioavailable to ruminant must be administered in a rumen protected form. The multi layer coating technology of STA-CHOL60® was rigorously studied at Bioscreen Research Center to deliver maximum availability of active ingredients to ruminant.STA-CHOL in manufactured by Bioscreen Technology (Italy)

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