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PROPHORCE SR 130® is a highly concentrated source of the butyric acid (esters di- and triglyceride). Butyric acid is well known as the main source of energy for the epithilelium cells of gut villi. It is naturally produced by intestinal flora to promote cellular metabolism, increase the secretion of digestive enzymes and water reabsorption.It increases as well expression of tight junction proteins to reduce the bacteria translocation
Thanks to its glycerides forms, PROPHORCE SR 130® does not carry bad smell as standard butyric acid. These esters slowly release in the intestinal tract with an action on every part of the gut.
PROPHORCE SR 130® is the best option to promote the gastro-intestinal health together with animal performances.
PROPHORCE SR 130® is manufactured by PERSTORP (Netherlands)


SALMATE® is a stable emulsified encapsulated Omega 3 concentrate in powder form manufactured by BALLARD (USA). Contrarily to standard fish oil, this technology enables to guarantee DHA & EPA freshness by avoiding rancidity which could have a strong negative impact on animal feed intake.
SALMATE® is beneficial at 2 stages of sow nutrition; in late gestation to improve piglet brain development and in late lactation to increase foetus survival. Thanks to better brain development, piglets will show more vitality at birth and reduce time to the first suckling by 5mn. During late lactation, the increase of foetus survival can bring up to 0.8 additional piglet per litter resulting in a significant reduction of farming cost.

SALMATE® is manufactured by BALLARD GROUP (USA)


PROPHORCE AC 101® is an acidifier product as direct anti-microbial and gut flora regulator. It mixes formic acid's salt with pure acids organic to reduce pH and stimulate enzyme activity.
PROPHORCE AC 101® contains 51,2% acids within formic acid and lactic acid are considered as a best effect anti-microbial. Based on its high pKA at the part of large intestine, fumaric acid helps a long action and citric acid contributes to acid stability.
PROPHORCE AC 101® is the best combination of acidifier to improve the animal digestibility.

PROPHORCE AC 101® manufactured by PERSTORP (Netherlands).


PROPHORCE PH 101® is a synergic product between organic acids and essential oils to enhance animal health of the gastro-intestinal tract and as a consequence improve growth performance. 
The organic acid is capable of anti-bacteria and the essential oils composition help organic acids acting efficiently throughout the digestive tract, they stimulate appetite of piglets, help them eating more, growing faster. Flavonoids, Terpenoids and Phenolic acids are essential oil's compositions prevent infections in the digestive tract.
PROPHORCE PH 101® achieves a good effect from the combined formula between organic acids and essential oil (EO), improves performances of animals and safety in the feed value chain.
PROPHORCE PH 101® manufactured by PERSTORP (Netherlands).


ProPhorce AC 299 ® consists of formate and sodium and is a free flowing product which is easy to handle. It is very stable and do not react with other feed component. Formic acid and sodium have a number of unique properties, as they:

-Control the enterobacteria load

-Enhance the conversion of pepsinogen into pepsin, a major enzyme involved in protein digestion.

Manage the electrolyte balance in a cost-effective way. Optimizing dEB has proven to enhance live weight gain.

Prophorce AC 299® support daily feed intake in heat stress period thanks to a supply in electrolyte. Contrarily to sodium bicarbonate, Prophorce AC 299 doesn’t neutralize acidification of the feed.

Prophorce AC 299® is manufactured by Perstorp (Netherlands)


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