We offer ID-Series to formulators and marketing managers who are seeking label-friendly ingredients.

ID-Series include variety of natural plant fibers

  • Cereal fiber: wheat, barley, oats

  • Leguminous plant fiber: pea, lupin

  • Fruit fiber: citrus, orange, apple

  • Vegetable fiber: carrot

  • Soluble fiber: soluline

  • Fiber Isolates: wheat, bamboo

  • Cellulose

These products are "clever" ingredients for meat industry and ready meals due to their incredible retention capability (water and liquids in general). Our plant fibers are outstanding natural texturizers, able to retain up to 25 times in their weight in water. This feature remains unchanged, whatever the other parameters, such as pH, temperature, ironic strength or stirring might be.


For bread and pastry industry, these plant fibers reduce water migration, thus improving the softness and slowing the drying out and extending the shelf life of the products.


ID-Series is manufactured by ID-Food (France)

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