Feed Cost Optimization



JEFO PROTEASE is a protease resisting up to 120 degree manufactured by JEFO (Canada). This protease is produced by thermophile bacteria selected from high temperature medium culture. Such unique characteristic enables  JEFO PROTEASE to be stable through pelleting and extrusion as well as storage in tropical conditions.  JEFO PROTEASE can be incorporated directly into mixer avoiding thus the difficulties generated by the post-extrusion spraying. JEFO PROTEASE  is essentially recommended for the extruded feed where temperature raises up to 120 degrees Celsius or pelleted feed for customers for are looking for highly stable protease. JEFO PROTEASE is increasing the digestibility of protein to optimize feed cost. The inclusion of JEFO PROTEASE followed by a reformulation should trigger some shift to cheaper raw materials while maintaining minimum protein content. Such strategy enables to reduce the total feed cost from 1.6% to 2.8% according to the level of protein contents. JEFO PROTEASE is manufactured by JEFO (Canada)


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