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COROUGE® provides a monovalent form of copper. Unlike the divalent form of copper that must be reduced by the intestine in a monovalent form prior to absorption, dicopper oxide in COROUGE® has high bio-availability as it can be absorbed directly by the intestine. Therefore, it will be maximised by the animal for better performance. It reduces the environmental emission of copper while using copper as an alternative to antibiotics for its growth-promoting effect.

COROUGE® has low contamination in heavy metals and toxic substances than other copper sources. The high concentration of copper in COROUGE® and its low contamination allows the feed to be less contaminated with undesirable substances that have always been a big concern to feed producers and food consumers.

The monovalent form of copper in COROUGE® provides it the characteristic of having less antagonism with phytase compared to normal sources of copper and thus maintains a high availability and absorption of phosphorus.

Our innovative source of copper, COROUGE® is the best way for nutritionists to use copper sustainably and comply with ever-changing regulations from authorities.

Click here to access the Mineral Simulator software designed for measuring the environmental footprint of Copper

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COROUGE® is manufactured by ANIMINE (France).

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