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AVEMIX O2CS® is a concentrated blend of NSP enzymes. AVEMIX O2CS® is used to release nutrients from vegetable feedstuff. In such raw materials, the amount of insoluble fiber (Glucan, Xylan...) is higher than soluble fiber leading to a loss of available nutrients. NSP fibres are bound with other nutrients, like proteins, fats or starch that slow and limit the digestive process.
AVEMIX O2CS® contains high levels of xylanase and beta-glucanase. Both activities works synergistically to break down most prevalent soluble and insoluble NSP fibers in raw materials. NSP enzymes will not only act on degrading fibers but will also indirectly influence the digestion of other nutrients. These nutrients will be released from the fiber matrix after which they can be easier digested and absorbed in the animal.

AVEMIX O2CS® enzymes are produced from fungal fermentation; they can act effectively on a large range of pH.   AVEMIX O2CS® is also resistant to heat and can be incorporated before pelleting.

With the inclusion of NSP enzymes on top of the normal feed formulation, animal performances will be improved.  AVEMIX O2CS® helps also increase the level of incorporation of alternative raw materials to achieve a more efficient animal production and cost reduction.

Please click here to read our Nutricle on antinutritional facts that can usually be found in raw materials

AVEMIX O2CS® is manufactured by AVEVE (Belgium)

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